Physiotherapist Hillar Reissaar

About our physiotherapist Hillar

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. That is why I have always been intrigued by human biomechanics, individual movement pattern alterations, functional abilities of the body and treating different physical issues that may occur. This deep interest is what directed me towards a profession in Physical Therapy.

My treatment is always based on understanding the bigger picture. I strive to understand the basic issue that is causing the complaint. I will identify different regions of the body that may cause reduced mobility, poor functional capacity or cause pain and treat those areas respectively to provide relief and improved awareness of the issue at hand. I always base my treatment methods on the most up to date research on the subject in order to provide optimal recovery times and the best possible outcome.


2018 MSc in Physical Therapy from Tartu University

2018 ITK rehabilitation

2018 Tallinn University Strength and Conditioning Coach

2016-2018 Womens U18 National Basketball Team Physical Therapist

2016-2018 Dorpat Tervis Private clinic Physical Therapist

2014-2015 Rakvere Tarvas Basketball team Physical Therapist

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