Physiotherapist Viktoria Filippova


I am Physical Therapist in Reakt since 2021.
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3 words to best describe Viktoria - small but powerful, detail oriented, knowledgeable

Interests: traveling, basketball, volleyball, languages

Viktoria’s professional career started in 2020 after receiving her bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy from Tartu University. Viktoria has an unparalleled work ethic, she is super energetic and will definitely bring a smile to your face! She has a constant thirst for knowledge, that is why if she is not busy working with her clients you will probably find her hiding behind a pile of books. Viktoria played volleyball at a high level, which is why she has had to face some injuries herself. This has given her a greater understanding of what it is actually like to go through the rehab process and she is now able to make that journey an experience for her patients.

“Be focused on the end goal, not the hurdles in your way” - that is Viktoria’s life motto, which you can definitely notice once you have worked with her. She can always find solutions to seemingly impossible issues.

If Viktoria is not busy learning everything there is to know about the human body she loves to travel and find interesting new places.

Education and in-service training:

2019 - 2021 Physical Therapist in Profysio Manuaalne Füsioteraapia OÜ
2020 Bsc from University of Tartu
2020 Physical Therapist in Tartu University Hospital
2020 poiste U16 koondise abifüsioterapeut
2019 Physical Therapist in Valga Hospital
Pehmekoeteraapia koolitused, sh fastsia manipuleerimine
Ortopeediline manuaalteraapia
Spordifüsioteraapia konverentsid

Reakt Füsioteraapia

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