Reakt Füsioteraapia

Reakt Füsioteraapia

Phyiscal therapy

Due to our busy, fast-paced lives, our body needs some extra attention to function to the best of its capabilities. Reakt Physical Therapy Clinic has created an environment in which dedicated professionals work tirelessly to provide quality care,which is readily available to everyone. Our customers include people from all walks of life - both professional and recreational athletes, children and individuals that lead busy working lives. We strongly believe in a customer centered approach, every problem is unique and the appropriate approach to treatment is individualized to the client. Our specialists have gathered approaches and techniques from all over the world to combine them into our treatments for the best possible outcome. Your body thanks you for every smart decision you make and Reakt Physical Therapy is here to help you achieve your goals !

The Reakt Physical Therapy team
Reakt Füsioteraapia


Energetic staff and a very unique clinic design. But most importantly, the staff at Reakt Physical Therapy is highly professional and their approach to every problem is tailored to the individual. The therapists figure out what your specific issue is and tailor their approach to you, it is never one size fits all. Thanks to the specialists at Reakt, I have gotten rid of my hip pain and muscle twitches under my eye. Furthermore, their massage therapist is just out of this world ! If I ever have any issues I know Reakt Physical Therapy is always there for me.

Paljas Porgand

Lifestyle and fitness blogger
When training and competing in combat sports, injuries are inevitable. I have received excellent treatment for my knuckle injury,wrist and hip pain. Reakt Physical therapy has provided me with excellent care and I have been able to recover from my injuries fully! Highly recommend !

Rain Karlson

Professional boxer


Physical therapy

Who is a physical therapist?

Physical therapy is a widely recognized profession that works with a multitude of musculoskeletal, neurological, orthopedic and sports related health issues. Physical therapy is a conservative management approach, which means that they do not use medication or surgery, they do however utilise the body's natural healing responses, movement biomechanics and manual therapy to help the body recover to its fullest potential. A physical therapist is educated in current medical concepts and pathologies, has a deep understanding of biomechanics and physiology of the body and utilizes that knowledge to aid recovery, enhance performance or manage pain and disability.

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What does a massage therapist do ?

A massage therapist uses manual pressure to the skin, fascia and muscles to relieve excess muscular and neurological tension. More commonly used techniques are vibration, sliding, kneading and friction.

The main goal of any massage session is to promote blood flow, increase speed of lymphatic drainage, promote or reduce muscular tone and mechanically influence nerve receptors in the skin and muscles to induce the required effect. Massage releases endorphins ( hormones that promote a feeling of satisfaction and happiness) due to which your general mood, levels of stress and quality of sleep will improve. To get the maximal benefit from massage we recommend a minimum of 3-5 sessions.

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Our Team

Rainar Vahtrik

Physical Therapist and Founder

Reakt Füsioteraapia

About Rainar:

While studying and practising abroad I developed a deep interest on orthopaedic, neurological and musculoskeletal physical therapy. I have devoted my professional career to further understanding and developing these areas of expertise to better help people. Knowledge is power, which is why I believe in the importance of educating my customers to further understand the mechanism and physiology of their complaint and why certain methods of treatment are suitable for them. Having created an understanding of what is happening I combine different manual therapy techniques and exercises to help the individual recover. There is no one size fits all solution, when it comes to the human body, Every issue and individual should be treated as such and the methods used have to be tailored fit the needs and goals of the patient.


Bsc (Honors) from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland
1 year of practical experience in private clinics in Canada
ART Upper Body Certification
Mulligan upper body certification
Dry Needling certification
Vestibular pathologies and treatment
Spinal injuries - diagnosis and treatment
Clinical rehabilitation of shoulder injuries
Training and Nutrition Planning
60+ hours as an observer in various orthopedic surgeries

Raimo Vahtrik

Phyiscal Therapist

Reakt Füsioteraapia

About Raimo:

I believe in the importance of open communication with my clients. To give them the best information I can, I find that a thorough assessment of the complaint is key. In my treatment sessions I combine physical therapy, manual therapy and an independent exercise program to provide constant progress in the rehabilitative process and achieve the set end goal.


Sports Sciences and teaching at Tallinn Pedagogy University
Physical Therapy at University of Tartu
Physical therapist Level 7

Clinical assessment and management of the shoulder girdle
Shoulder girdle biomechanics
Manual therapy
Lower back pain seminar
Kinesiotaping level 2 - Advanced
Training periodization and soft tissue mobilization
Orthopedic management of the wrist and hand
First Aid Course

Alex Uuetalu

Massage Therapist

Reakt Füsioteraapia

About Alex:

I have always been fascinated by how the body's different systems are interconnected. How stress can affect human physiology, how muscle tension in the neck can cause pain in the hand or how spinal muscle dysfunction has the ability to hinder an athletes performance. Massage is my way of helping people to take care of their bodies and allow them to enjoy their hobbies in the long term. An effective massage treatment requires an understanding of the client's main goals - for an active person it may be longevity, fast recovery and maximal performance, whereas another person may need massage to reduce stress and muscular tension from work related posture. The key to finding the suitable solution to any issue is a unified team with the same goal in mind - helping the client.


Classic Massage Basic Course
Advanced Classic Massage Course
Sports Massage Basic Course
Advanced course for Sports Massage
Russian Sports Massage Course
Cervico cranial Massage Course
Massage for infants
Thai Massage
Thai Foot Massage
Cellulitis Massage
Aromatic Massage
Facial Hiromassage
On-Site Massage


Initial visit

40.00 €
  • Becoming acquainted with the chief complaint
  • Assessing the source of the problem
  • Creating an individualized treatment plan
  • Treatment session
  • Creating a home exercise plan

Return visit

30.00 €
  • Assessing progress made
  • Treatment session
  • Progressing home exercises

Classic massage

  • Classic massage 30 min - 24 €
  • Classic massage 60 min - 30 €
  • Classic massage 90 min - 40 €

Sports Massage

  • Sports Massage 30 min - 28 €
  • Sports Massage 60 min - 35 €
  • Sports Massage 90 min - 45 €




601 7890


Narva mnt 7d, Staircase A, 2nd floor, Tallinn

Reakt Physical Therapy Clinic is located in Tallinn city centre, Narva maantee 7D, Staircase A, 2nd floor


The entrance to Reakt Physical Therapy is facing Ahtri street. It is also possible to access the clinic from Narva maantee via walking through Foorum centre or by walking past the Park Inn hotel.

Reakt Füsioteraapia


There is a parking lot facing Ahtri street, 30 minutes costs 1.20€. Free parking for 2 hours is available at Nautica shopping centre parking lot, after 2 hours it costs 1€ for every 30 minutes. Nautica Parking lot (formerly Norde Centrum) for the first two hours free of charge, each following 30 min €1.00.