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The story of Reakt physical therapy actually started 15 years ago, when one of our founding members had to recover from a sports related elbow injury. He quickly realized that at that point in time there were very little information and possibilities available to help him make a full recovery to his active lifestyle. After such an experience Rainar decided to dedicate his career to physical therapy in order to make similar situations a more enjoyable overall process. Therefore he enrolled in Glasgow Caledonian University to further develop his knowledge and skill base.

After 4 years of university Rainar decided to further develop his skills in manual therapy, biomechanics, physiology, dry needling, soft tissue mobilization techniques from some of the best in their respected fields in Toronto, Canada. He spent a year in a private clinic, which allowed him to work with a wide array of patients from professional athletes, bodybuilders, motor vehicle accident injuries and pains/strains from day to day activities.

The start of Reakt Physical Therapy

After 5 years of self-development Rainar felt like the time is right to give his contribution to develop the local physical therapy culture. Thus Reakt Physical therapy was founded in 2016, with the mission of creating a clinical environment that feels relaxing, comfortable and provides outstanding service.

At the beginning it was all about building repertoire, and our first athletic clients were youth basketball players from KK Viimsi, a partnership that we dearly cherish till this day. Soon enough parents, sisters, aunts and uncles of the athletes families followed and we started building a community that valued their bodies and wanted to stay as healthy as possible. At this point Rainar would constantly be commuting do different locations in order to take on clients, but his dream was bigger than that, he wanted to provide a healing environment for the community that had emerged.

In 2018, Rainar’s ambition came to life and Reakt Physical Therapy opened its doors to the public.

We deeply believe that our clinic can only be as strong as our team, and therefore we quickly started to build a collective of talented physical therapists. Our team was fortified by two new team members Raimo and Hillar who both share the clinics professional values but bring their own flavor and skills that further enrich our collective. We strive to not only provide treatments, but an experience that will give you a better understanding of your problems and that you leave our clinic feeling better than you did an hour ago.

Welcome to Reakt Physical Therapy community !

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