Physiotherapist Paula Tiiman

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Paula Tiiman Physiotherapist
Why did I become a physiotherapist?
I became a physiotherapist so I could combine my experience and knowledge gained from my sporting career with my passion of helping people. I have done rhythmic gymnastics for over half of my life and my biggest achievement has been competing in the world championship finals.

My sporting career has infected me with a lifelong desire for training and being physically active, but it also came with its downside of multiple traumas and overuse injuries. All of these problems could have been at least been alleviated or prevented with the help of a physiotherapist.
Additionally I have studied lymphatic drainage, a treatment designed to reduce swelling. The treatment consists of manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging, client education and the use of compression garments.

My main goal as a physiotherapist is to help people make sense of their pain and I also strongly believe that there is no physical ailment or pain, which cannot be alleviated with the correct intervention. As a therapist I value great teamwork, evidence based treatment and treating each client as an individual in order to achieve the best possible outcome in therapy.

Education and in-service training:

2017 – 2020 University of Tartu Bsc (cum laude)
2020 - 2023 Physiotherapist in Adeli Rehabilitation Centre
2022 IFC (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) and its role in Rehabilitation
2022 MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) course
2021 Self-Help Techniques for Pain and Tense Muscles
2019 XPERT pole fitness 1&2

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