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Physiotherapist Raimo Vahtrik

I am Reakt Physiotherapist since 2019.
Book an appointment and we will aim to improve your health.
Why did I become a physiotherapist?
In my work, I consider open communication and the transmission of information to customers to be important. In order to do this effectively, I believe that the main factor in drawing up a good treatment plan is to pinpoint the source of the problem and to explain the causes. In the treatment method, I usually combine physiotherapeutic techniques and rehabilitation techniques with an independent exercise plan in order for the person to achieve continuous progress and the desired end result.

Education and in-service training:

Kehakultuur, pedagoogika (1992) Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikool
Füsioteraapia täiendõpe (2008) Tartu Ülikoolis
Füsioterapeut 7. Tase (2008)
Kliiniline hindamine ja füsioterapeutiline käsitlus õlaliigese ja vöötme erinevate haigusseisundite puhul
Kogu tõde õlaliigesest Manuaalteraapia taastusravis
Seminar alaseljavalud
Kinesioteipimine 2 – edasijõudnutele
Treeningute planeerimine ja lihashooldus
Randme ja labakäe ortopeedilised probleemid
Esmaabi väljaõppekursus

Reakt Füsioteraapia

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