Physiotherapist Rainar Vahtrik


Founding member of Reakt Physiotherapy and a physiotherapist.
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Reakt Füsioteraapia füsioterapeut Rainar Vahtrik
3 words to best describe Rainar - traveler, existential philosopher, warm hearted

Interests: Basketball, volleyball, spikeball, motorcycles, gardening, human potential
In 2011 Rainar graduated from Tallinn School No. 21 (highschool), after which he graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2015 ( Bsc Honors in Physical Therapy).

Rainar found his calling to become a physical therapist at an early age. After highschool he decided to pursue physical therapy as a profession at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. After which he decided to further develop himself in various private physical therapy clinics in Canada.

Rainar has always felt the need to help others, some may say it is his life’s mission. He figured the best way to help as many people as possible through his skills and knowledge was to co-establish Reakt Physical Therapy. Through which they as a team could reach as many individuals as possible.

Rainar loves to have philosophical conversations. Therefore it is highly likely that by the end of your session with him you will have solved the issues behind colonizing Mars. Rainar’s diverse background helps him pinpoint even the most complicated of issues. If Rainar is not working or researching interesting subjects, his happy place is at home, spending quality time with his fiance Anett or walking through Kalamaja with his dog Pluuto.

Education and in-service training:

Bsc (Honors) from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland
1 year of practical experience in private clinics in Canada
ART Upper Body Certification
Mulligan upper body certification
Dry Needling certification
Vestibular pathologies and treatment
Spinal injuries – diagnosis and treatment
Clinical rehabilitation of shoulder injuries
Training and Nutrition Planning
60+ hours as an observer in various orthopedic surgeries

Reakt Füsioteraapia

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