Physiotherapist Mikk Tali


I have been a physiotherapist at Reakt Physiotherapy since 2024.
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Physiotherapist Mikk Tali
Why did I become a physiotherapist?
Embarking on my journey to becoming a physical therapist felt like a natural progression, deeply rooted in my lifelong passion for basketball, movement, and sports. Throughout my career, I’ve faced my share of challenges, including two significant meniscus tears in my left knee, both requiring surgical intervention. However, thanks to the expert guidance and rehabilitation support from my physical therapist, I was able to not only return to my former capabilities but surpass them. This experience sparked a profound realization in me—the power of aiding others in their recovery journey was a calling I was eager to embrace. Now, as an avid long-distance runner who also enjoys tennis, padel, disc golf, spikeball, and basketball as hobbies, I bring a unique perspective to my practice.

As a therapist, my foremost goal is to empower individuals to engage in their important, everyday activities and sports without pain and with pleasure. I am committed to providing tailored solutions that consider each person’s unique situation, offering the “keys” to regain control over their health.

Education and in-service training:

2020-2023 I proudly hold a cum laude Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Tartu. My educational background, combined with my personal and professional experiences, equips me to offer compassionate, comprehensive care. Join me in exploring how physiotherapy can unlock your potential for a healthier, more active life.

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