Physiotherapist Triin Veskimeister


I have been a physiotherapist at Reakt Physiotherapy since 2022.
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Why did I become a physiotherapist?
I have spent my whole life immersed in the world of dance. For the past 10 years I have worked as a choreographer and dance teacher. Although Dance has been a passion of mine for a long time it has come with some obstacles along the way. For a long period of time I battled low back pain, which stopped me from pursuing my passions. After visitiing multiple physical therapists I also found the internal desire to help people find the root cause of their issues and fix them.

I always try to connect with people on a personal level which I believe is the foundation to a great experience ! I believe that every person is different and therefore also aim to tailor my approch to each person individually.

Education and in-service training:

2019-2022 Bsc in Physical Therapy from Tartu University
2021 Dance specialist, level 6
2021 Participant in the Renewing Ergonomic Education pilot project in Portugal
2021 Volunteer at Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Center

Reakt Füsioteraapia

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